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What is SBQ Worldwide ?

Success Bible Quiz(SBQ) Worldwide is God’s inspired platforms to impact lives spiritually, physically, and financially.

There are three (3) main arms of SBQ Worldwide, namely:

1. Evangelism.

2. Outreaches, and

3. Competitions.

There are other side attractions in SBQ competitions, which are:

1. Chicken Pepper Soup Challenge. Here, there will be an open ballots, to select the participants. Each of the contestants will be served with a plate of chicken pepper soup, loaves of bread, and juice. They will be asked to eat them, while, observing a good table manner. The winner will be rewarded with a cooking gas cylinder, bag of semo, and big cash (money).

2. Pick, and Spell Challenge. Here, there will be an open ballots, to select the participants. The favored contestants will be asked to spell some Biblical names. The winner will be rewarded with a carton of noodles, cooking gas cylinder, and big cash (money).

3. Praise, and Worship Challenge. There will be an open ballots to select the participants. Each of the contestants, will be given a time frame to charge both the atmosphere, and lithosphere, by praising, and worshiping the Almighty God, calling Him names, and all that. The winner will be rewarded with a copy of Bible, a cooking gas cylinder, and big cash (money). 

Please NOTE that, all the aforementioned challenges are just side attractions for fun in SBQ competitions. These challenges are completely different from the N5 million competitions.

Now, let us talk about the main SBQ competitions, which is the third arm of SBQ Worldwide.

Success Bible Quiz (SBQ) Worldwide competitions is an annual competitions that currently consist of 5 categories, namely:
1. Music
2. Dance
3. Bible Recitations
4. Bible Quizzes, and
5. Comedy.
Register anyone of your choice.
The Star Winner of this Contests gets a minimum of N100k to N5 Million only, while, 1st to 4th Runners get scholarships of N50, 000.00 each, with lots of consolations, like certificates, awards, cooking gases, stoves, generators, fans, fridges, etc for all the Contestants. Your consolation prizes or rewards depend on your overall performances and scores.

SBQ Worlwide is an inspiration from God Almighty to Apostle Success Uloaku Shadrach Ochogwu. This competitions started in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria, 2013, and we only announce our winners, based on merits. SBQ is a Divine platform, where people utilize their God’s given talents, and get empowered financially. It is a platform, where people discover God’s purpose for their lives. It is also a platform to meet great minds, and personalities. We have even recorded testimonies, where some couples met their spouses, right on this platform. The gospel truth is that, you can not participate in SBQ, and your life will remain the same. Come, and see things for yourself.

There is NO religion, denomination, age or academic limitations in SBQ Contests. In SBQ, everybody is a winner, because we have lots of consolations for every participant.

REGISTER NOW, get impacted, and be celebrated.
You are our next CELEBRANT, in Jesus Mighty Name. 

SBQ WORLDWIDE: Making Dreams A Reality !

There are three (3) main stages in SBQ Competitions.
1. Audition Stages.
2. Acceptance/Continuous Assessments (C.A) Stages.
3. Semifinal, and Final Stages.


AUDITION STAGE: This is the very first stage in SBQ Contests. In this stage, all successfully registered candidates, are eligible to participate, in the various Categories that they registered for. For conveniences, the Auditions are conducted here online, through this website or App. After the Auditions, those that score up to the cut off marks, will be selected, and invited for the semifinals. The cut off marks will be determined by the Judges, based on the general performances of all the Contestants. A minimum of 100 Contestants from each category will Qualify, and be invited to the semifinals.


Acceptance, & CA stages are your home works (assignments) stages. This stage comes immediately after your auditions. In this stage, the Management or Judges, will give all the audition qualifiers a certain home work or assignments to perform. After you have QUALIFIED from your Auditions, and you are still INTERESTED to come, & Participate Live in the FINALS, then, you, MUST DO your Acceptance/Continuous Assessments(C.A), to enable you Participate LIVE in the Final Stages. Your Acceptance is the guarantee or assurance that you are giving to SBQ Management, that you will be present LIVE in the final stages. Your Acceptance is Mandatory, so that you don’t waste our resources (like others did), peradventure you fail to come for the Finals.
Note: After the auditions, those that are no longer interested to participate in the Finals, DO NOT need Acceptance or C.A, vice versa.

Only Acceptance gives you extra 10 marks to your total score, while, complete C.A, gives you additional 20 marks, making it a total of 30 marks.
The Management will guide all the Qualified Contestants on the specific task to be accomplished for their Acceptances, or C.A. Our Officials will guide you on these Procedures, during your Registrations, and Auditions.
We hope to see you Live in the Coming Finals, because you are about to become a MILLIONAIRE through your TALENTS OR GIFTS.
Remember: The Bible Says that, A man’s GIFT MAKETH ROOM for him, and bringeth him before GREAT MEN(Prov 18:16).
They is a Great Difference between your God’s given Gifts or talents, and your school certificates.

We hope to see you Live in the Coming Finals.

3. SEMIFINALS STAGE: This stage is divided into two(2) phases, that is, phase 1, and phase 2. Phase 1 mostly are in written forms, while, phase 2 are oral, and LIVE stage performances. The Judges will guide you on the procedures for all the phases. Area of concentrations, will also be given to you ahead of time, for better preparations & performances. So, have no worries.
After the semifinals, the Qualifiers will move straight to the final stage. The final stage is the grand finale, where the money is been dished out. In the final stage, all the Finalists receive holy bank alarts from SBQ WORLDWIDE.

The Final Stage will accommodate only five(5) Contestants, that is, the overall best from each of the five(5) categories. In this final stage, all the five(5) Contestants are expected to attempt 100 Questions each, in order to win the grand prize of N5 million only. The 100 Questions are distributed on five(5) question paper types, namely: paper J, Paper E, Paper S, U, and another S. Each paper type contains 20 Objective or Subjective Questions. You are to pick your questions by yourselves, from any given sets of questions. You have a total number of ten(10) chances to attempt the 100 Questions. Each Question that you correctly answered, gives you a token of N50, 000.00 only. This is Wonderful, Interesting, and lovely. In SBQ, NO Corruption, NO Nepotism, and NO favoritism. What you score, is exactly what you will get. The overall best from the Final Stage, will be declared as the star Winner, while, the remaining four(4) Contestants, will be declared as the Runners Up.


A STAR WINNER is expected to ACCURATELY answer 100 Simple Questions, in order to win the STAR PRIZE OF N5 million Only. Each Question that you CORRECTLY answered, attracts N50, 000.00 Reward only. Star Winners Get N100k(minimum) to N5 million (maximum). A Star Winner CAN NOT win less than N100, 000. 00, but can win up to N5,000,000.00, based on his/ her performances. There will be 100 Questions for you to attempt. Even though, you score zero(0) out of the 100 Questions, SBQ will still pay you N100k. If you score just 1/100, or 2/100 Questions, you will still be rewarded with N100k, just as We stated earlier. If you answer 3/100 Questions, you will be given N150k. If you score 4/100 Questions, you will be rewarded with N200k, ………., if you score 100/100 Questions, you will be rewarded with a token of N5 million only. These 100 Questions cover all the Five(5) Categories, namely: Gospel music, Memory Verses, Bible Quizzes, Dance, & Comedy Categories. Note: You are to answer your questions randomly. That is, a contestant can pick/answer questions(s) from Any of the categories. E.G a singer can answer questions from music category, Memory Verses, or Bible Quiz category, etc, and a Bible Quizzer can answer questions from music, Dance, Bible Quiz categories, etc. A contestant is ALLOWED to choose question (s) of his/her choice within the available set of questions, in a given time duration.
1st to 4th Runners up, will be given Scholarships, minimum of N50k each.

Area of Concentrations will ALWAYS be given to all the Contestants, before the Main Day, for better preparations, and performances.
In SBQ Competitions, everybody is a Winner because We have lots of CONSOLATION PRIZES such as certificates for Participation, Awards, gas cookers, stoves, electric irons, generator, fans, 50% sponsorships for Next Version, etc to be won (Based on your performances). Wish you Success In this Year’s Edition of SBQ Competitions.
Dates for either the Auditions, or the Finals, will be announced here, and on all Our social media platforms. So, stay tuned.

REGISTRATION for SBQ Competitions costs a token of N8,500 only. You have to make your payments before We enlist your names among the Contestants or Participants.

For More enquiries, sponsorships or partnerships, Call: +2348039334747 or +2348116486771 .


1. To encourage People to study their Bibles, in order for them to know the TRUTH themselves (2 Tim.2:15). 

2. To encourage People to listen more of Gospel Music.
3. To help People discover, and utilize their God’s given talents or gifts (Prov 18:16).
4. To empower People spiritually, physically, and financially (Luk 10:7). 
5. To Promote Unity In Christianity, & with None Christians (Psm 133:1, Rom 14:19)
6.To build GODLY Generations, from this wicked, and immoral generation ( Mark 16:15, John 15:16).


SBQ WORLDWIDE: Making Dreams A Reality !

To reconcile people with God, and to impact them globally, through the Help Of The HOLY GHOST .

Our Address: We are located at European Quarters, Family love F.M avenue, Ngwo, Enugu North, Enugu State, Nigeria.


SBQ is Open for Sponsorships & Partnerships.

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