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Success Bible Quiz(SBQ) WORLDWIDE, is an Annual Competitions that Consist of 5 Categories, namely:
1. Music
2. Dance
3. Bible Recitations
4. Bible Quizzes, and
5. Comedy

REGISTRATION for SBQ is FREE. You are to pay only a token of N7, 000.00 for your uniforms, and Participating kits. You have to make your payments before We shortlist your names among the Contestants.

A STAR WINNER is expected to ACCURATELY answer 100 Simple Questions, in order to win the STAR PRIZE OF N5 million Only. Each Question that you CORRECTLY answered, attracts N50, 000.00 Reward only. Star Winners Get N100k(minimum) to N5 million (maximum). A Star Winner CAN NOT win less than N100, 000. 00, but can win up to N5,000,000.00, based on his/ her performances. There will be 100 Questions for you to attempt. Even though, you score zero(0) out of the 100 Questions, SBQ will still pay you N100k. If you score just 1/100, or 2/100 Questions, you will still be rewarded with N100k, just as We stated earlier. If you answer 3/100 Questions, you will be given N150k. If you score 4/100 Questions, you will be rewarded with N200k, ………., if you score 100/100 Questions, you will be rewarded with a token of N5 million only. These 100 Questions cover all the Five(5) Categories, namely: Gospel music, Memory Verses, Bible Quizzes, Dance, & Comedy Categories. Note: You are to answer your questions randomly. That is, a contestant can pick/answer questions(s) from Any of the categories. E.G a singer can answer questions from music category, Memory Verses, or Bible Quiz category, etc, and a Bible Quizzer can answer questions from music, Dance, Bible Quiz categories, etc. A contestant is ALLOWED to choose question (s) of his/her choice within the available set of questions, in a given time duration.
1st to 4th Runners up, will be given Scholarships, minimum of N50k each.

The 1st to 4th Runners get scholarships of N50, 000.00 each, with lots of consolations, like certificates, awards, cooking gases, stoves, generators, fans, fridges, etc for all the Contestants. Your consolation prizes or rewards depend on your overall performances and scores.

There are three (3) main stages in SBQ Competitions.
1. Audition Stages.
2. Acceptance/Continuos Assessments (C.A) Stages.
3. Semifinal/Final Stages.