Welcome To Success Bible quiz (SBQ)

SBQ is an Annual Competitions that Consist of 5 Categories, namely:  Music, Dance, Bible Recitations, Bible Quizzes, and Comedy.

SBQ Competitions have

three (3) main stages

1. Auditions Stages.
2. Acceptance/Continuous Assessments (C.A) Stages.
3. Semifinals, and Final Stages. 


1. To encourage People to study their Bibles, in order for them to know the TRUTH themselves (2 Tim. 2:15).

2. To encourage people to listen more of Gospel Music.

3. To help People to discover, and utilize their God’s given talents or gifts (Prov. 18:16).

4. To empower People spiritually, physically, and financially (Luk. 10:7).

5. To Promote Unity In Christianity, & with None Christians(Psm 133:1, Rom 14:19)

6.To build GODLY Generations, from this wicked, and immoral generation( Mark 16:15, John 15:16)

Annual Bible Quizzes

WIN a minimum of 100,000.00 to N5 MILLION, OR Get Scholarships.


Answer Twelve (12) Questions Correctly & Win Seventy Thousand Naira (N70, 000.00) INSTANTLY. 

Free Bible Quiz

If you are among those that too like awuf, or give away, this very one is for you.

Dance Auditions

Participate in this contests, and stand a chance of winning a Minimum of N100, 000.00 to N5 MILLION.

Music Auditions

Win a minimum of N100, 000.00 to N5 MILLION. 

Comedy Auditions

In this contests, you stand a chance of winning a minimum of N100, 000.00 to N5 MILLION.

Bible Recitations

This is the time to recite your Bibles, and win up to N5 MILLION.


Asked questions

For quick answers to questions, Concerns and inquiry please do visit our frequently (FAQ)  asked questions page for more info

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The most Transparent Contests is sBQ

In SBQ, NO corruption, NO favoritism, and NO nepotism. What you score is exactly what you will get.

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